Reclaim Your Period

As woman we are cyclical beings. During the course of approximately 28 days our emotions and bodies change. In the first weeks sexual hormones rise, in the middle we ovulate and we bleed in the last week. Common knowledge.

But we have forgotten how sacred and important this natural cycle is. We think of it as annoying at best and as shameful and painful at worst.

It hasn’t always been this way. Our ancestors (back in the old old days, before most religions started worshipping a male god) used see the period as sacred. The first blood (menarche) was celebrated and bleeding women respected and granted rest.

In those old days all woman menstruated together, mostly at new moon. It was a time of connection between all woman, who often gathered in red tents to rest and renew. The guidance that women received in their dreams during this time was held sacred and essential for the governing of the tribe.

Nowadays we have forgotten the importance of rest during our period and push through it alone rather than listening to our bodies and connecting with other woman. We are told to “get over it”, drug our bodies with pain killers and ignore our needs. In this way we feel alienated from each other and our bodies. We feel like something is wrong with us, like we are flawed. So many of our health issues are linked to this false understanding of our periods.

In our modern day world we have forgotten our natural cycles. Artifishial lights, the pill, stress and medicamentations all disrupt the natural ways of our bodies. This leads to PMS, pain, uncontrollable mood swings and metal health issues. And of course we blame ourselves, thinking that there’s something wrong with us.

But it’s not us. We are fine. It’s the patriarchal system that’s not. Periods are natural and great. Our emotions and bodies are sacred. And we need to reclaim them and our bodies to heal ourselves and äham *smash patriarchy*. This is were self love (and revolution) begins.

Love ❤️

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How to change your diet to make you feel better during menstruation

Being on the period can feel like a curse sometimes. We have cramps, our energy levels are as low as our mood and we crave unhealthy food. Many of us struggle with PMS, turning our bleeding time into pain and exhaustion. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Contradictory to what most people believe, it is not natural for us to suffer during our menstruation. It only our unhealthy lifestyle that makes us suffer. Too much stress and unhealthy eating habits lead to more problems during our menstruation.

PMS and other symptoms are indications which point out that we need to take better care of ourselves. You’re body is telling you to slow down and listen to it. If  you just take pills you basically tell you’re body to shut up, setting yourself up for even more pain in the long run. So while it’s of course completely okay to take a pill against the strong cramps when needed, medication can’t be the permanent solution.

A way better, more holistic and healthy way is changing your diet and being aware of the special needs your body has while you’re on your period. By eating better you can heal your body and decrease PMS and other problems naturally. 

During menstruation, our main reproductive hormones decrease. Due changes in hormone levels our body needs some specific nutrients more than usually. 

Especially important nutrients are:

  • Magnesium

  • Omega-3

  • Iron

  • Vitamin B6

During menstruation it is important to increase the intake of these nutrients. Supporting your body in this way you create the optimal base for a healthy moontime.

As our bodies are especially sensitive in this time, there are some foods to be avoided during our period:

  • Too much salt 

Salt causes bloating and water retention, which is something that for most of us already happens during our period so we really don’t want to increase that.

  • Coffee or other caffeinated drinks

Consuming caffeine during menstruation can lead to some serious issues like increased PMS symptoms, anxiety and sleep problems. For more information read this.

  • Animal products

Animal products are generally problematic and contain loads of hormones and medications that can mess with a woman’s cycle. Just let them animals live it’s also healthier for you!

  • Processed foods

Okay, we all know how bad these are for us. But especially during our periods it’s hard to ignore our cravings. But good news – literally every unhealthy snack can be made healthy. There are so many amazing recipes out there, just google your craving and see what you find.
Balance is key. During your period, you should be extra mindful of your eating habits. Keep eating a balanced diet, increase the intake of the important nutrients and cut out unnecessary junk (of course some chocolate here and there okay) and you’ll have a much better experience of your moontime.

Namaste 💜